The project

ArteConTacto involves creativity, inclusion, diversity and multisensorial experiences in the field of visual arts.

The project is driven by workshops and participatory art experiences, with people who have special needs, and special questions towards art. Their differences and difficulties associated with perception, memory, cognition and communication enable them to look for other things in the artistic experience, and practice than “normal” people.

What we do

The products of these workshops are artworks, prototypes, artistic research questions, group experiences and sometimes even durable solutions for accessibility problems.

Workshops and exhibitions have been conducted since 2009, at museums, in artistic residencies, at schools, and festivals. The project has been widely covered in the media and documented in publications.

The results of the artistic practice also helps us to adapt exhibitions and museums, to make art experiences more accessible to all.

Who we are

ArteConTacto has been initiated by Moritz Neumüller and counts with the support of individuals and institutions that share the vision to make art and museums more inclusive and diverse. For further inquiries, please contact