Since there are no standard visitors, there are no standard tours.

“Since there are no standard visitors, there are no standard tours”, is the introduction on documenta 13’s dTours program, which are non-linear and creative encounters of people in the spaces of the exhibition of the world-famous art event in Kassel, Germany. But read for yourself:

How would a gardener inspire and frame a dTOUR through the many artworks in the Karlsaue park? How would a former judge approach questions of reality and time at the Fridericianum? How does a maths student relate to the different technologies housed in the Orangerie?

Forming one of the main strands of Maybe Education in dOCUMENTA (13), dTOURS create situations that enable the visitor to understand the artworks as part of a wider research into life, into the political, into aesthetics, and into the development of our being in the world.

dTOURS have different intensities and levels of engagement, and they address different subject matters. Each visitor has the opportunity to learn about this edition of documenta and its venues before the dTOUR diverges in its particular direction. A dTOUR lasts for two hours. Departing from a specific exhibition venue, the dTOUR addresses key subjects of the artistic proposals on exhibition and discusses them from the perspective of a particular tour guide called a Worldly Companion.

Congratulations to documenta for showing us the way, not only in art/theory, but also in an open art/education practice!

Museum For All, June, 2012

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