ARCHES was a project for museums and lasted for three years.

ARCHES has brought together disabled people, technology companies, universities and museums.

The core of ARCHES were four participatory research groups. 

They have been meeting in six museums, during more than two years. 

Their experiences and suggestions have helped researchers develop new accessibility tools for museums. 

Together, researchers and the groups have developed technological solutions.

For example, reliefs that you can touch.

Also, Apps and games for smartphones and tablets

And computer animations that use sign-language.

And also a handbook for museums in 3 languages.

The technologies have been co-designed and tested by more than 200 disabled people in Spain, Austria and the UK.

Tactile Multimedia Guide, called Please Touch (English Subtitles, but no Sign Language)!

ARCHES presentation video, with BSL.

Impact on the community:

People with different needs are organized in separate associations 

They normally are segregated, 

Not only from society, but among other groups with special needs as well

We brought them together

And treated them as experts in the matter of accessibility

Long lasting impact on how they see museums, and how museums see them.

Please visit the website for more information.