Theatre workshop “A ciegas” (Madrid). Open call for students. Deadline: March 29, 2012

------ ENGLISH VERSION BELOW ----- Taller de creación escénica “A ciegas”. Convocatoria pública Hablar en Arte lanza una convocatoria pública para participar en un taller de experimentación teatral y de danza, cuyos alumnos -invidentes y videntes- investigarán a través del cuerpo y la voz sobre experiencias, clichés y otros conceptos sobre la ceguera. El taller …

‘Sounds Design’ at the Design Museum

Lizzie Crouch

While you are sat reading this blog post your vision is not the only sense being stimulated. You are taking in sounds and smells of things going on around you whilst you skin touches different fabrics. As Professor Charles Spence explained in the ‘Sounds Design’ talk at the Design Museum last night, we are only aware of the results of how our senses integrate, how we experience a situation as a whole, but not how our senses interact with each other to produce that experience.

Charles Spence is a psychologist based at the Crossmodal Research Laboratory in Oxford University. His research investigates how our brains combine inputs from each of our senses. All the senses influence an experience in their own way, and sound, the focus of the evening’s talk, is no exception. We are all aware of influence that sound can have (e.g. a ticking clock in a horror…

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